Paper details Instructions:

1.Find a news article or movie clip, or TV episode clip that involves some sort of moral issue or moral question in one Grey’s Anatomy episode, one of the doctors made a patient, who she was in love with, more sick so that he would move up on the transplant list and get a life-saving organ sooner).


2. In the first part of your paper, explain the moral issues/considerations that are present in your article/movie clip with the mentioned Grey’s Anatomy episode, you might mention the harm that others on the transplant list might face due to the doctor’s decision, the potential harm her patient might face due to her actions, the doctor’s special relationship to her patient, the doctor’s special duty as a doctor etc etc )


3. In the second part of your paper, give your “solution” or perspective on the moral issue/moral question. Ensure that you appeal to a moral principle to justify your response with the Grey’s Anatomy episode: did the doctor do something morally wrong? Why or why not?








Sample Solution