Philosophy: the foundation meaning question of what gives a word or utterance meaning?

This research paper needs to talk about internalist and externalist views on the topic. What does each say about the topic. Also, this needs 10

scholarly sources. Some ideas of sources are: Artistotle “on interpretations”

Plato’s “cratylus”, Paul Grice

{internalist)“studies in the way of words” and Hilary Putnam was many articles about externalism semantic( Hilary Putnam by Lance P Hickey). The

extemalist challenge by schantz

What determines content? : the internalism/externalism dispute by Tomas Marvan

ludwig wittgenstein?

Clearly and accurately present two disagreeing positions taken by philosophers.[1]

Take and defend one position on the topic explaining why… The student’s position is true, or that The student’s position is more plausible than the

opposed position, or that The opposed position must be false. So, describe terms and give examples to support claims. And finally side with one of the


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