Physical Therapy

We have covered a great deal of information in this course, from the history of physical therapy to the future of physical therapy, from the common practice areas to the hot topics in clinical practice, from practice to practice management, and we have covered all three realms of physical therapy – practice, research, and education. Professionalism was a common thread throughout the topics that weave the fabric of the profession of physical therapy. Reflecting on the many topics covered and all that has been learned about the physical therapy profession, respond to the following questions:

  1. What have you gained from this course that you will take with you into the future?
  2. Reflect on professionalism in physical therapy. What does this mean to you and what behavior and/or value have you developed that will make you a better student and/or professional?
  3. As this course wraps up and you continue on your journey, explain how your “fit” between you and the profession changed or stayed the same and briefly share how the information gained in this course has impacted your goals.

Sample Solution