Much has been written on the Pike Place Fish Market in Seattle. Most of the articles center around the unique leadership style which asks that employees make a difference in the life of customers they interact with. Google this company. If you are struggling with what to say in your paper, think about the following questions. If you talk about them you are in the ballpark. You are not limited to just these questions.
What do others have to say about the culture of the place? Can you cite ideas in the development of Management over the last 150 years that are reflected in the actions of employees of Pike Place? How are the espoused values of the company evident in the actions of the employees? Why would you want, or not want to work in the the presence of such a strong culture? Forget that you have to handle fish all day. Yuck! Leave that out. Google is a good place for you to find opinions. Other search engines are fine as well.




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