Pinxter Case


  1. After reading the Pinxter Case Study, consider the following scenario: You are the Director of Human Resources for Pinxter. As such, you have been given the strategic goal of creating a new staffing-recruiting program for the company. The first step in this process is to evaluate the existing program and figure out what work needs to be done.

In this assignment, outlines the strengths and weakness of the current staff-recruiting program at the organization. Specifically, you should identify each of the gaps and barriers that would need to be addressed by your new program.The two new parts of this assignment, the Executive Summary, and Conclusion should address the following:

Executive Summary: In this section, introduce yourself and give a brief introduction to your company. You should then articulate the overall purpose of this Staffing Plan, including an overview of each section.
Conclusion: In conclusion, you will reinforce the strength of your plan, articulating why it is a good fit for the company and outlining the positive outcomes expected to be seen from its implementation.

Sample Solution