“Pioneering Leadership: First Follower Principle?”

Advocates share their knowledge with each other, going beyond good intentions and acting on what they know. A. What do you presently advocate for and why? (personally and/or professionally) B. Describe something that you are passionate about in which you would like to advocate for in the future. C. How will you put your advocacy into action? Remember, it doesn’t have to move mountains…just prompt change for the better.
A. How would you describe yourself in each of the five dimensions of Courageous Followership on pages 110, 111 & 112? B. In what ways could you be a more courageous and effective follower?
A. What are your thoughts regarding the video clip, “Pioneering Leadership: First Follower Principle?” I found this video to be delightful and motivating. B. How will you elicit followers through your leadership? Remember, the followers become the strength of any movement… big or small.
Read the article, “Spreading the Wealth: Leadership at All Levels.” How do we help teachers shift their perspective so that leadership occurs almost naturally or they come to it with guidance, but through their own realization?
View the Video Clip, Soul Pancake, Every-day Heroes. So, what are your thoughts? : )
As we are coming to the end of the class, my farewell to each of you is the poem, Every-day Heroes. Who is your Every-Day Hero in relation to your work, profession and/or educational practices and why? (See PowerPoint in the Module)

Sample Solution