Planned Change Process : Termination

Background Information In this final role play, you will demonstrate your skills in terminating with an involuntary, ethnic, male client. In the role play for this workshop, as the social worker, you want to build on your engagement skills, using concepts from the relational model to do so. You will also need to provide the client with the opportunity to reflect on your work together or discuss his accomplishments, as well as his future plans and goals, and how he might accomplish them with the skills he has learned. This may need to be abbreviated since the role play will be shorter than an actual session; however, do your best to demonstrate how you would conduct appropriate and effective termination with the client, and address the other components noted in the assignment instructions. You will have an opportunity to write a reflection paper to analyze what occurred during the role play and how you might have done things differently, as well as reflect on the supervision you would like to have for this final phase of the planned change process. As with the previous role plays, you will begin this final session with the client at the point that the interactive media piece ends. Instructions 1. Look At The transcript, “Planned Change Process with an Involuntary Client: Phase 5: Termination,”. This is in the files. 2. Write a reflection paper responding to the following questions. Your reflection paper needs to be a minimum of three pages in length, double-spaced, Times New Roman, font size 12, and utilize references and citations in APA format. a. How well did the relational model work for this final session? b. How well did you handle disruptions, transference, countertransference, or any other issues that arose? What would you do differently in the future and why? c. How well did you advance the client’s human rights in this final session? If you didn’t, how will you ensure that you do so in the future? d. How well did you end this final session? What might you do differently in the future with the final session? Why? e. Describe likely supervision conversations or guidance that would be helpful for the final session. please. do not ask. me for the pdf. it is in the files













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