Data collection is an important part of both quantitative and qualitative research. Although the actual approach to gathering information may vary, for either research design, researchers need to plan in advance how the data will be gathered, reported, and stored, and they need to ensure that their methods are both reliable and valid. As nurses review research when considering a new evidence-based practice, it is important to be familiar with sound collection practices in order to ascertain the credibility of the data presented.

Assignment generate questions and an overall plan for data collection that would be appropriate for a patient satisfaction survey.
See sample Questions below
1Ease of accessing care,
2patient wait time
3friendliness of the staff,
4The likelihood that a patient would recommend your organization to others.

1)Explain which method or instrument you would use to gather data.
Data Collection in Quantitative Research or Data Collection in Qualitative Research.
2)Describe the sample size appropriate for the population and how you would select participants.
3)Provide a rationale for your choices, and explain how you can ensure high standard of reliability and validity.

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