Planning process

Discuss planning process – meetings on zoom, discussing in group chat, assigning roles. My role was to develop consumer persona’s allow which will allow our client ‘A glass of’ to create content and messaging that appeals to their target audience. Discuss research I did.

Diary entry three:
-Discuss presentation. I was a nominated speaker which meant I had to speak for 2 minutes about the persona’s I had designed and how they were linked to this business.

  • Discuss some challenges e.g Originally we were going to send in a recording but then last minute we decided to present live to cut our video duration down. This meant we were a little under prepared and hadn’t organised handovers, however it meant we didn’t have time to be nervous. Also our slides were in the wrong format which made it hard for viewers to read, discuss how we just tried to not let this effect our presentation. Link this to how covid has taught us how to deal with adversity and situations like this. Talk about how overall we worked well as a group and writing a peer review made sure everyone was kept to a high standard.

Sample Solution