Play orchestration strategies

Describe how the range of guided play strategies listed in the continuum of play orchestration strategies provides examples of how teachers can “learn to dance” with children as they facilitate play. The student will:

List one implementation strategy for each of the nine guided play interventions that best illustrates its approach.
Use the table attached to complete your own reference like the one on page 112. You will do so by using developmental indicators taken from the NCFELD for either Approaches to Learning (APL) or Health and Physical Development (HPD). Chose three developmental indicators from NCFELD under one of the above Domains. Complete your chart.
The completed chart will be a guide to show if you are incorporating both the play intervention strategies as well as best practices for the development of the young children in your care. Indicators and intervention can be interchanged as the children may have varying needs, this is a practice activity.

Sample Solution