Pnthae epizooticae ( Hoof- and -Mouth disease

Discuss the family to which the individual virus belongs.
Discuss the type of genetic material of the virus. Discuss the architecture of the virus (include size). Discuss some similarities/differences to/from other viruses.
Does this virus “bud” from the cell? Does this virus lyse the cell?
Can this virus remain latent? Discuss the host/tissue/cell infected by the virus.
How does this virus infect the host organism?
How does this virus infect the cell? (Receptor?)
Discuss disease(s) causes by the virus. Discuss any additional interesting facts about the virus (i.e., historical significance, dependence upon environmental factors for spread, dependence or interaction with other microbes, etc.)
Discuss the ways currently used by “medicine” to treat viral infection.




Sample Solution