When starting your new business, you decided you want to keep employees as informed as possible about the business and how things are going. Email seemed like a good idea initially but you soon realized it simply got lost in the glut of messages employees were receiving and responding to each module. Podcasting seemed like a good alternative. Not only could employees listen whenever they had the time, using a podcast and speaking to your employees just seems more personal. The Podcasts have turned out to be very popular. Employees have enjoyed the conversational tone and appreciate the way you’ve kept them up-to-date on company status and plans in your module message.

Now it is time for your next Podcast. In this module’s podcast, you are going to announce the use of WebEx in your business, and announce second-quarter sales results. Think through what it is you want to communicate to your employees: did you do well, better than expected, poorly? Is there information that you want to communicate other than the numbers themselves?




Sample Solution