How does poetry stimulate the imagination? In this first assignment you will examine its role in the development of appreciation in the natural world and in developing imagination in children.
Select one poem from among those read this week in each of the following sections as listed on the Gutenburg activities Section (for a total of three poems minimum used):
Animals and Nature Poems to Stimulate the Imagination Verse, Riddles and Wordplay, or Nonsense
Write a 550- to 700-word paper wherein you explain the following:
Your choice of poems How poems can instill an appreciation for animals and the natural world in children The role of rhythms, moods, images, and patterns in your chosen poems How the rhythms, moods, images, and patterns in your chosen poems add to or detract from the poem How poems can stimulate imagination in children The benefits of teaching poetry to children
NOTE: Use at least 2 sources from the course reserves or textbook for this and every assignment in this class. Failure to include these will result in a major point deduction.

Sample Solution