1. An important feature of communication is listening. TED features Julian Treasure who explains five ways to listen better. After viewing the video discuss how these methods can be incorporated in a police supervisor’s communication skills during a stressful encounter e.g. domestic encounter, hostage situation, disciplinary confrontations. In your response and discussions make sure to mention each of the methods Treasure mentions and describe how they translate to the situation. ( watch this video to answer question #1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cSohjlYQI2A)

2. Using Chapter 6 in the textbook “Supervising Police Personnel: Strengths-Based Leadership, 8/E
Paul M. Whisenand, California State University, Long Beach Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of formal/informal communication in a police organization. Provide examples of when and under what circumstances either form of communications can be used.



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