Policy Analysis Report

Identify a current issue in health policy trace the issue as it has developed, utilizing professional articles and/or books, as well as the popular media.

The paper should cover:

  1. Background of the issue. Provide a brief description of the origin of the problem and previous attempts to deal with it.
  2. Current Problem Statement: Describe the specific policy issue. Discuss the conflicting perspectives, values, and/or assumptions that underlie this issue. Who is directly involved in working on or advancing this policy issue?
  3. Analyze this policy including a technological assessment, political feasibility, economic viability, and/or values analysis, and identify those groups affected by it.
  4. How is this issue likely to be resolved? Identify the major political, social, or economic factors that will influence the outcome.
  5. Describe the implications of this policy issue for health administrators in a healthcare setting.

The paper should be clear and well organized into readable paragraphs (with correct spelling, grammar, and complete sentences). References (at least three) should be in APA format. Please hand in your assignment and also keep a copy for your records.

Sample Solution