Policy Development

Scenario: You are the Director of Planning of a mid-size hospital in a suburban market. As the organization continues to move forward and prepare for its annual strategic planning retreat, the CEO has asked you to create a “white paper” (similar to a short research paper) that explains “best practices” in strategic planning. He has asked you to identify the top three challenges that healthcare organizations encounter in the planning process and to identify one method or technique for each challenge that other organizations have used to successfully address these challenges.
The “White Paper” should be well-written and meet the following requirements:
• 2 pages (single-spaced) in length
• Include at least 4 current references from the peer-reviewed articles
• The reference list is required for this assignment and must be formatted according to all APA requirements..

• Here is a resource to help you write a White paper: https://contently.com/strategist/2012/02/10/how-to-write-a-white-paper/

Sample Solution