Policy on Releasing Subjects on ROR

Policy on Releasing Subjects on ROR Concerned about increasing numbers of suits against the department for unlawful arrests and detentions, the Chief of Police is requesting a clear policy be developed for officers on how (and when) they can release prisoners on ROR, versus making an in custody arrest (see the Application at the end of Chapter 3, page 118.) Specifically, you should develop a policy for releasing prisoner on their own recognizance (ROR) or on a Promise to Appear (PTA). Be sure to include; Under what circumstance would it be acceptable to release a prisoner ROR. What crimes a prisoner can be released ROR Some criteria for releasing or not releasing subjects (consider when you would not want to), that is: 1. What factors should the officer consider 2. Individual case histories. 3. Who has final say. Students should submit their policy on releasing suspect ROR by using the title link above. In an attempt to clarify the SOP assignements, students can use this template to start their SOP assignment. This is the template below to be used for the assignment: Standard Operating Procedure Approved By: Student Name Procedure Number: Spring 2017, Ex. #3, March. 2017 Subject: Policy for the Releasing of Prisoners on their Own Recognizance (ROR) Goal: To ensure that subjects arrested by this department do not have their Constitutional Rights violated because of excessive or unnecessary detention (to be completed by the student) Policy: The purpose of a Bond is to (to be completed by the student) In many instances, a cash bond may not be needed, because (to be completed by the student) Procedure: The department will allow officers to release subjects ROR (to be completed by the student)

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