Students will be required to identify a problem, improvement or new initiative in one of the two Policy areas studied in class, and develop a Policy Proposal Briefing Paper that could be presented to an agency or government department Director, or Ministerial staff, to address this identified issue.
The Policy Paper will be expected to propose a program or service or policy in response to the issue, how the policy could be implemented, the positive outcomes anticipated, any barriers and constraints that might be relevant, what resources would be required in the implementation process, how the policy could fit within government programs, any staffing implications, reporting processes, policy evaluation and what are the expected deliverables.
Note: The Policy Proposal Briefing will not be in the form of an essay. The writing and referencing style will need to be appropriate to the assignment task. Whilst it is not usual to reference policy briefing papers, as this is an academic exercise you will need to reference where appropriate and provide a reference listing as well.



Sample Solution