Pope Urban II’s sermon at the council of clermont

This assignment revolves around 5 different versions of the same historical event: Pope Urban II’s sermon at the Council of Clermont (1095). As historians, we are left with alternate interpretations, memories, representations, and physical records of this famous ‘speech’, which inspired and ignited the First Crusade to the Holy Land.

There is no doubt about the sermon’s importance. But the various accounts transmitted down the centuries leave us with a number of interpretive challenges and questions.

As the historian, your task is to make sense of these different accounts, with a view to demonstrating a firm understanding of the most accurate historical narrative. The aim is to examine the 5 accounts, to reconcile their similarities and differences, and ultimately, to decipher Urban’s motivations and objectives. Put another way, you need to consider the nuances and textures of the various historical accounts. Pay careful attention to the details as well as the overall context of the late 11th century, in which period the First Crusade was launched.

Sample Solution