Population Analysis

How will the product/service help to reduce barriers to and or the cost of the behavior you want to priority population to engage in?
What is the care product (or bundle of benefits) that they will receive if they purchase and use the product?
What will the priority population have to “give-up” or “pay” to receive the augmented product and the bundle of benefits? Consider both financial and non-
Recruitment plan……What promotion tools will you use to promote your program? How, When, and Where will you let the priority population know about the
item or services.
create 1-3 items that you would use for you to market your health program. You can use the most common programs such as Micro-Soft word or
Publisher or create a PDF.
Refer to Chapter 11 when completing this assignment. I have attached Ch. 11 from the book, the program proposal, budget plan, as well as discussion posts
written by me about this program for your reference and use.
Make sure to fully review theses documents and extend upon them in this assignment.
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