Portfolio components

Part 1: Leadership

  1. Discuss each of your leadership styles (see resources in Week 1 slides), and why you selected them. Which do you currently possess, and which do you hope to develop? Reflect on the range of leadership styles shared by your cohort in the Week 2 Padlet (see the comments you posted for classmates, at minimum your group members).
  2. Refine your leadership philosophy (see resources in Week 1 slides, be sure to use that format as your basis). Explain which aspects of your philosophy you currently possess, and which you hope to develop. Reflect on how your philosophy is similar to or different from that of your peers (see the comments you posted for classmates, at minimum your group members).
  3. Define what professionalism means to you as a developing public health professional (from your perspective). What aspects of professionalism are you currently proficient in, and which do you hope to develop?
  4. Construct an Eisenhower matrix for any current responsibilities in your life. Share one for your personal or professional life (doing both will lead to clutter. Try to include 8 or fewer tasks in each quadrant. Here is a helpful resource that will walk you through this: https://www.eisenhower.me/eisenhower-matrix/ (Links to an external site.) . Reflect on whether you think this might be a valuable tool for helping you to prioritize tasks.
  5. Which of the 10 leadership (area D) and 9 management (area H) MPH competencies do you feel you have experience in? Which do you need to develop? (see Ch 1 of the book).
  6. Locate job descriptions for one job that you can apply to upon graduation, and one that represents your dream role (perhaps a few promotions later). For each role, provide the job title, a link to the job description, a brief description in your words of the key responsibilities, and the qualifications you will need.
    Part 2: Progress towards learning outcomes
  7. Progress to date: Reflect on Student learning outcomes for Weeks 1 (1, 2, 10) and 2 (4,8). Make sure you are looking at the outcomes, not the objectives (see syllabus). Explain how you have taken steps to make progress towards fulfilling each outcome by citing evidence from your assignments (what are you now able to do, and how did you demonstrate that?). Please do this for each of the 5 learning objectives.
  8. Room for improvement: How can you continue to improve in each of these areas? Identify one goal for each of the 5 learning objectives, and provide a resource you can use to further develop your skills in this area (you may refer to

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