Potential Concessions

. As you work together to identify and develop three potential concessions, you should keep in mind the following critical elements:
Sharon Slade’s and Alice Jones’ ZOPA and BATNA positions developed in Milestone One and the individual Module Four discussion.
Areas where Netflix has flexibility: These areas may include: modifying the performance improvement plan, shifting Alice to another position, outplacement benefits, employee health benefits, and so on. Other concessions, such as payment for accrued vacation time, may or may not be negotiable because the company has a formal severance policy.
Legal vulnerability: You should also consider the degree of legal vulnerability the company has in this situation. For example, what is the probability that Alice Jones could sue for age discrimination?
In addition to the potential concessions, your instructor will evaluate your participation in the assignment:
Participation: Complete and submit and group member evaluation form during the same week of the workshop. Use this form to evaluate your own and your group members’ performance on the small group assignment. Your review should be objective, fair, and professional.
Your group should come to a consensus of potential concessions and post this by Thursday so you are able to move on to the next part of the discussion. Then, over the next few days, your group should work together to finalize your list of your top three concessions by the end of the module week.

Sample Solution