PR plan and story board

A gril’s mother has been working in the casino for more than 10 years, and she mother is a dealer. The girl as excellent grades, often receives scholarships from the school, and often be A representative for school to do the competition. She hopes to study abroad after graduating from Macao.However, due to the difficulties of the family finance. she knows that his dream is difficult to achieve.One day, She mentioned to her mother about studying abroad. She mother refused it directly and said that girls don’t need to have so much knowledge, after graduating, you should immediately enter social work and help the family with financial problem.After listening to the girl, she did not respond, just wrote this wish in her diary.One day, when her mother cleaned the room, she found her daughter diary, only to know that her daughter was very eager to study abroad.Her mother thought that her daughter’s performance was really good, because the family’s problems could not fulfill her daughter’s wishes, and her mother felt very compunction.The next day, when the mother went to work, she found that the company would have a plan to help employees’ children to provide interest-free study abroad loans.Finally, her daughter successfully entered the famous school in the United States…..( to be continue…..)






Sample Solution