Pre-Trial Process: Case Study

Psychology and the Legal System
Case Study – Officer Tim Bronson

Officer Tim Bronson, badge #3293 was dispatched at 21:00 to 4321 West Jefferson on October 3rd. The purpose of the call was to respond to a reported burglary in the vicinity. Dispatch provided that alleged perpetrator had been described as a Caucasian male, approximately twenty to twenty-five years of age with a light build, wearing a blue jeans and a white zipper up hoody jacket.
Officer Bronson observed a young man on a nearby street that seemed to match the description provided by dispatch. When Officer Bronson attempted to make contact with the young man, the young man fled down the street. Officer Bronson gave chase, and was able to capture and subdue the suspected burglar. The suspected burglar was identified as Carl Davidson.
Officer Bronson placed Mr. Davidson under arrest for a violation of burglary statutes.

Explain the process of arrest, how are they placed under arrest, what does it mean to be arrested
Explain the process of arraignment, what occurs during the arraignment process
Explain what occurs during pretrial
Explain what happens if the offender is in need of a competency hearing, including a definition competency.
Assess the role of a psychologist in a pretrial competency hearing. Describe what type of assessment tools psychologist use to assess competency for trial.


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