Quality Management and Improvement in Healthcare
Research Paper

‒ Write a research paper on a topic of your choice that is relevant to a topic covered in class.
‒ Identify a target journal in which to publish this work.
(You may find the HC Management article which lists some journals helpful).
• Use the journal’s author instructions page to determine the format for the abstract, section headings, table formatting, reference format, etc. to be included in your research paper.
• Sections should be as specified in your target journal or, if not specified, at least include the following:
Abstract (may be structured abstract, depending on journal)
Background (to include results of literature review, framework and research question)
Methods (to include study design, study participants/population, data collection/sources and data analysis)
Discussion (to include limitations and future directions)
References (minimum of twelve references from peer-reviewed journals; other references are permitted when applicable but at least twelve from peer reviewed)
‒ Length: Use the journal word count. This usually varies between 2500 to 4500 words, depending on the journal and type of article.
‒ Format: Font specified in journal, otherwise Arial 11 pt font or equivalent; spacing as specified in journal, otherwise single space.

‒ Present the paper in class on the scheduled date.
‒ Presentation should include the following:
• Background and research question
• Methods
• Results
• Key discussion points, limitations, future directions and conclusion
• Target Journal and why
• Acknowledgements slide
‒ Maximum of 6 slides
‒ Each presentation slot is 15 minutes (10 minutes presentation; 5 minutes Q&A with the class)

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