Presenting Statistical Results for Decision Making

HAC_Rate: That’s the number of HACs per 1,000 discharges. You could say it’s the measure for the extent of
hospital errors.
Nursing_HPPD: That’s the number of nursing staff hours per patient day. It’s the hospital’s nurse staffing level.
Skill_Mix: That’s obviously about skill mix, but specifically, it’s the percentage of nursing staff hours that are
provided by registered nurses, as opposed to other professionals.
ALOS: That stands for average length of stay; it’s the number of inpatient days per hospital discharge. It’s a
measure of how efficient the hospital is.
-discharge stats. I’m-confining the analysis to the last full year-the number of discharges for last year was
10,000. That includes both adult and pediatric discharges.
-data about staff costs related to nursing. I’ve got three numbers for you.
-Our cost per nurse is $72,000. Now, that’s an average of nurses and registered nurses.
-Our cost per registered nurse is $85,000.
-Per licensed practical nurse, it’s $52,000. Those numbers include salary, benefits, and overhead.
-Our cost per inpatient day is $2,600, and the penalty per HAC is $5,700.
Remember, it’s the board and I need to give them the statistical results they need to make a decision, not just
every bit of data we have. I need to make a data-driven recommendation to the board.
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