President Trump’s Trade War with China

China and the United States are involved in a trade war. The conflict, initiated by President of the United States Donald Trump, has been characterized by increasing tariffs and other trade barriers with the goal of forcing China to make changes to what the U.S. says are “unfair trade practices”. Among the trade practices and their effects which the U.S. claims are unfair are the growing trade deficit, the theft of intellectual property, and the forced transfer of American technology to China. Those and other rationales for the tariffs, were explained in a government report published in March 2018.

The Assignment
Do some research and find out everything you can on the US-China trade war. Write a 500-650 words (2 pages) research summary on the trade war. Your summary should include topics like (without using the following as topic headings):
• What is the trade war?
• When was the trade war initiated?
• Why was the trade war initiated?
• Why was the policy put in place?
• What impact does it have on American Business?
• What industries and goods does it impact the most?
• What impact does it have on American jobs?

Sample Solution