Preparing a Press Release
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Review the lecture on Press Releases.

Then read the enclosed scenario and in no more than two pages develop a press release choosing one of these paths for the drug and explain your reasoning.

        Jensen’s senior management team has been asked to attend the meeting to decide Dekanor’s fate in order to provide additional information to the board. The Board Chair (also the CEO) plans to open the meeting by proposing three alternatives for Dekanor. The board must select one of these alternatives by the end of the meeting:

Stop sales of Dekanor immediately and recall all inventory until an independent clinical trial has satisfactorily proven that Dekanor is not causing patients to die prematurely
Add a warning label which clearly states that taking Dekanor may lead to adverse cardiovascular events that may result in death, and stop all direct advertising to consumers and promotion of Dekanor to doctors, but continue to sell it to those doctors who request it
Continue efforts to market Dekanor aggressively and take any necessary legal, political, and other actions to prevent the FDA from banning Dekanor.

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