Primary Health Care and Nursing Practices

Critically review the role of the nurse in primary care settings within a primary health care framework (LO 1); ? Demonstrate knowledge and skills required to support vulnerable populations within a variety of primary health care settings (LO 2); and ? Investigate approaches used to work with the consumer and other health professionals to provide patient-centred care in primary care settings (LO 4).
This assignment will enable students to:
? Develop skills in planning, developing and evaluating a health promotion activity based on a specific identified community need; and
? Develop a deeper understanding of the role, scope and context of the practice of the nurse within primary care settings in an Australia community.

Identify one of the specific groups that was identified in your Individual Presentation Assessment Item. Outline a new health promotion activity that aims to address the health needs of this group. 2. Describe the role of the nurse within a primary care setting relevant to your specific group (e.g. general practice setting OR general community health OR maternal and child health OR school health). Discuss how the eight principles of primary health care have been incorporated into your new health promotion activity





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