Seminar: Principles of Microeconomics Tobias Bru ?nner Preparing an assignment Here are some guidelines for the preparation of your assignment. You should also care- fully read your module handbook which has much more information about assignment preparation. Guidelines • Choose one of the three topics on page 3 of your module handbook. • maximum of 2000 words in length (excluding tables and diagrams) in total • If your work looks like someone else’s, we will suspect plagiarism which, if found to be the case, may result in an automatic failure of the year. • assignment submission date: 30/4/2018 – 4pm deadline (on Blackboard) • No (or very very little) quoting. Put it in your own words. Especially, do not quote from text books. •,tutor2u.netorevenyoutube videos. Structure An essay has … • a beginning (introduction): Here you should introduce the topic and define the area and key terms. • a middle (main body): The main body should start with providing a theoretical framework. Describe the framework using diagrams! Then connect the relevant information from the newspaper articles with the framework. • and an end (conclusion): Summarise your opinion on the topic by referring to your main body. Do not provide new arguments here. • only two headings (title and bibliography) • Harvard referencing system is used 1 Presentation The essay should have … • your name on it • the title on it • page numbers • printed on one side of the paper, font size 12, double or 1.5 line spacing • diagrams/ tables are numbered and referred to in the text • diagrams/ tables are discussed before they are displayed • No subheadings • No bullet points • No contents page

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