Prison Break Series Review

Summary of the Series

Prison Break is a premier series acted and broadcasted by the 20th Century Fox Television Entertainment located in the United States. The series boasts of four complete episodes as written by Paul Scheuring. It was first broadcasted as a televised series in the year 2005 and ran through to the year 2009. The dramatic series narrates a tale of two brothers one of whom is charged with a crime and thus faces a life imprisonment. As the movie proceeds, we realize that the convict is imposed for a crime he did not commit, thus, the other brother embarks on a risky mission of staging an escape plan for his brother. Looking at a synopsis for the first season, it all starts as Michael Scofield who is a structural engineer strategizes on a suitable strategy to reach the Fox River States Penitentiary where his brother, Lincoln Burrows has been jailed for felony (Michael 2006). We also come to learn that Lincoln was charged with the murder of Terrence Steadman who happens to be the brother to the United States’ Vice President.

In order to reach the prison, Scofield commits a robbery which lands him at the Fox River prison. He then befriends Sara Tancredi who is a prison doctor and pretends to suffer from acute diabetes, which gives him access to the infirmary. At the same time, Veronica Donovan begins investigating the conspiracy behind the imprisonment of Lincoln. The investigation begins to build up a link between The Company which is an undercover organization that frames up Lincoln because of his father, Aldo Burrows engagement with the company. Scofield manages to implement his escape plan where he together with his brother and six other inmates escape successfully. The eight escapees split up but are later reunited as they search for a safe of money that was buried by one of the inmates at the Fox River. At this time, authorities are very vigilant as the search for the fugitives intensifies led by Brad Bellick who is an ex-prison guard fired after the escape (Michael 2006). One federal agent by the name Alexander Mahone is also assigned to the search. We realize that Mahone works for The Company, and this infuriates the eight fugitives who make attempts to kill the president of The Company.

Sara’s father is killed by the same undercover group while four of the renegades are killed. Lincoln and Scofield escape to Panama but, unfortunately, Michael together with other escapees are captured by authorities in Panama. Sona is a prison in Panama where the fugitives are imprisoned. Apparently we learn of a love affair between Michael and Sara. Burrows is busy planning an escape plan for his brother Scofield and is joined by Sucre who becomes employed by the prisons department at Sona. Scofield manages to escape together with Mahone and Luis. Bellick and T-Bag are left in Sona where Sucre is connected to their escape and is imprisoned there too (Michael 2006). The series ends with a show down in Miami where Scofield brings down The Company. Scofield sacrifices his life in the season’s premier to save T-Bag, the General and Sara who then manage to break free from imprisonment.

Thesis Statement and Applicability in a Societal Setting

The use of literature has stood the test of time as being the best tools for reaching out to the audiences. This is because the intended message to be passed across is creatively imparted upon the people who are made to interpret the deeper meaning of the message. A movie is one form of modern literature, which has been used to teach morals, virtues and character in our local societies. Apparently, these forms of literature have also been a source of moral decay; therefore, it is upon the audience to decide which morals to value and which ones to discard. In the instance of ‘Prison Break’ there are several themes that are presented by the main characters together with the support characters. The theme of sacrifice and betrayal emerges as the main theme of the serials as the characters show undying love for each other to the extent of risking their lives for their sake.

Judgment and Evidence

In my personal judgment of the seasons and the episodes presented, the theme of love supersedes selfishness. The concept behind the original scripting of the movie seems to be focused on instigating societal reforms based on the character of Scofield who deliberately commits a robbery with the intent of being in prison with his brother. Deep down he has a structured plan of free his brother whose arrest and death sentence had been framed by an undercover group. There is a bubbly love affair between Michael Scofield and Sarah who was initially a doctor at the Fox River imprisonment facility. Despite her loyalty to her service, which prevents her from associating with the prisoners, she has an instant chemistry with Michael which develops as she administers a medical procedure on Michael. Even though the two love each other and are even willing to make sacrifices for each other, Michael sacrifices himself to free Sara (Michael 2006). There are also instances of betrayal when the undercover group The Company set up Lincoln in the murder of the vice-presidents brother as a potential suspect. Alexander Mahine who acts as a Federal agent betrays the government by acting as a double agent for The Company.



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