Problem Solving and Decision Making

Construct a decision tree that includes one decision node (purchase a new
EHR system) or maintain the status quo (retain the existing EHR system).
There are the two EHR systems under consideration by Bright Road Health Care System, eMed and Patient
Data System (PDS).
For each EHR system under consideration, you, as the consultant, will be looking to determine the likelihood
(probability) that the system will: fully meet the organization’s needs; partially meet the organization’s needs; or
not meet the organization’s needs.
You will need to come up with the probabilities using information obtained from the scenario, as well as
information gleaned from credible sources. In addition, you, as the consultant, will be expected to determine
the expected outcomes (payoffs) associated with each alternative. The expected outcomes (payoffs) can be
the total costs associated with each alternative, the net present value of the alternatives, the internal rate of
return or modified internal rate of return, etc

Sample Solution