Problems and Critical Thinking

Dear Writer,
This assignment requires research and response to in detalied critical thinking sentences.
Here are the instructions:

The successful completion of this assignment requires these elements:

  1. Read and analyze the hypothetical situations presented in each question.
  2. Gather and evaluate information from the chapter that is necessary to answer each question.
  3. Formulate a response to each question and justify the same by giving valid reasons and supporting evidence from the text and other sources.

Are the following statutes constitutional? Explain, if
Statute One: Loitering
Any person who loiters in a place in an unusual manner for longer than 15 minutes and reasonably causes a person to be concerned for their safety must identify himself to police when requested. Any person who refuses to identify himself under these circumstances or takes flight when approached by a police officer is guilty of loitering.

Statute Two: Loitering
Any person who continually loiters in public parks without apparent employment or who lives off the handouts of others is guilty of loitering.
Please explain and elaborate.

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