Process Improvement and Change Project Presentation

Research and select an environment with a health disparity or social justice issue (free clinics, inner-city facilities, hospitals with large groups of immigrants).
Prepare a Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation with detailed speaker notes in which you:
• Explain the health disparity or social justice issue related to quality management in today’s health care arena.
• Analyze a problem, system, or process to be improved.
o Address each of the following in your analysis:
? Regulatory, such as OSHA mandate
? Benchmarking
? Improved efficiency
? Patient satisfaction
? Life safety issue
• Analyze a change theory, and incorporate it into your improvement plan.
• Analyze personal leadership theory and style, and incorporate them into your improvement plan.
• Evaluate system changes needed to implement your planned solution, including tools and technologies.
• Create an implementation plan, including a timeline, based on plan-do-study-act (PDSA/PDCA) cycle, including implementation strategies, potential barriers, and evaluation process.




Sample Solution