Product Selection

select a market that fits your product as you go international
with it, and decide what marketing strategies to follow.
Step #1. Product Selection. Select a product that you want to sell internationally. It can be a
product from your place of work, or any product that you are knowledgeable or interested about.
Try selecting a product that is currently only sold in the United States and that you can envision
selling in another country.
Step #2. Country Selection (10 points). Select a market based on your market screening. Following
the steps for market screenings for a country that you read about in chapter 12, explain what
factors would be important in your market (country) screening. Go through each of the first four
steps in the screening process and describe what kind of criteria would be desirable for your
product in terms of: Basic needs potential, Financial and economic forces, political and legal forces,
and cultural forces.
Step #3. Select a mode of entry (10 points). Review the advantages and challenges of the different
modes of entry and select the most appropriate for your type of

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