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Writing a Proposal
The narrative of a proposal is usually the full description of the project you are proposing. It is the heart of the proposal.
Here is a basic pattern that you can follow while writing the narrative. Of course, if the clients specify a pattern or form to follow, you should give them what they want. This pattern works well in situations where a pattern is not specified.
• Subject
• Purpose
• Main Point
• Significance
• Background Information
Current Situation
• The Problem
• The Problem’s Causes
• The Problem’s Effects
Project Plan
• Major and Minor Steps
• Deliverables
• Personnel
• Background of Organization
• Prior Experience
Conclusion: Costs and Benefits
• Purpose and Main Point
• Costs
• Benefits (Deliverables)
• Look to the Future
• Thank You
• Contact Information
Current Situation
Project Plan
Conclusion: Costs and Benefits

Sample Solution