Professional Development Plan

The purpose of this assignment is to create a five-year professional development plan.
You should describe your career goals, and include a timeline on how you anticipate meeting these goals. Be
specific to the requirements of your role after completing the MSN program. i.e. licensure, certification (if
applicable). You should include opportunities for networking, mentoring, collaboration, scholarship, participation
in professional organizations (locally, regionally and nationally), CME and continuing formal education. You
should reflect on your initial emotional intelligence assessment and how you will address the results.
If you are in a nurse practitioner major you MUST also include the following information related to rules,
regulations and prescribing practices for the state where you will practice.
Are there specific license requirements for NP prescribing in your state?
What formal academic and continuing education is required by your state in order to prescribe?
Does your state place limits on your scope of prescribing? If so, what medications are outside of your scope of
prescribing for your state?
Is another provider (e.g., physician) required to supervise NP prescribing activities in your state? If so, what are
the specific responsibilities of the supervisor and NP?
If supervision is required, is there a ratio defining the number of nurse practitioners who can be supervised by
one supervisor?
Is an approved procedure or protocol required by your state in order to prescribe? If so, what does this
procedure encompass?
Are there specific requirements based on the level of the controlled substance being prescribed (e.g., CII, CIII,
etc.)? If so, what are these requirements?
This assignment should be developed in a format that will be useful to you in the future. (bullets, table, mind
map, video, presentation, etc.) Creativity is encouraged in this assignment.
You should include relevant references and resources used in creating this plan and your citations should be in
APA format.
You may want to refer to the following resources in developing your plan:
American Academy of Nurse Practitioners:
American Association of Critical Care Nurses:
American Health Informatics Management Association:
American Nurses Credentialing Center:
American Organization of Nurse Executives:
National Council of State Boards of Nursing:
National League for Nursing:
Pediatric Nurse Certification Board:
The National Certification Corporation:
Preferred language style Simple US English(Easy vocabulary, simple grammar constructions)

Sample Solution