Program Development Proposal

Develop a proposal for a social
services program intended to assist with a specific developmental stage discussed in this course
(pregnancy/prenatal, 0-3, early childhood, middle childhood, adolescence) Students must
identify a relevant problem or opportunity for improvement associated with their chosen
developmental stage and explain how their progress addresses it. When complete, students will
present their programs to the class. Specific grading rubric is provided. Assignment due on
12/1/20 for ALL STUDENTS.
You will create a program designed to address a problem related to a specific developmental stage
discussed in this course (infancy, adolescence, late adulthood, etc.) Each student will be assigned during
the third week of classes.
You must do your research and pick a problem that’s actually related to this stage. For example,
substance abuse prevention for adolescents would be appropriate; an anti-bullying campaign for middleaged adults would not. The textbook has many stage-specific problems listed in the chapters.
Your program proposal should address the following elements:

  • WHO: Which population is this program intended to serve? Is it one large group, such as all

Sample Solution