Project Analysis

I’m looking for someone who can do Solid works project:

the project depend more on mechanism from kinematic machinery course!

Name of the project is: wheelchair to crutches

You will work more in mechanism to make the wheelchair to become two crutches!

I will try to explain more:
You can go to this website , download any project for wheelchair and crutches and create mechanism with fourbar linkage, five, six or any number of links you like!
The most important thing is to make two positions to be happened when you rotate the crank (moving one link will move all links to change the wheelchair to become two crutches)
for example: I got this picture from the website, you will do your modification with adding mechanism to change between wheelchair and crutches.

During the crutches position: Make sure both wheels can be raised up! Wheels shouldn’t touch the floor during the crutches position.

Make sure to make both wheelchair’s handles to be raised up during the crouches position to support the humane body.
(I found this picture with small wheels! Please try to find design with big wheels, so the person can reach both wheels and move his self)

-the seat and back should be lathers, so you can fold the seat and lock it with hook on any side! The same with the back.

Separating both sides during the crutches:
You can add pin to join the both sides during the wheelchairs positions, then you can take off the pin and fold links to the sides during the crutches.



























Sample Solution