Project Kick-Off Meeting [CLOs: 2, 3]

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This week you travel to the Roto Air plant in Florida to hold the project kick-off meeting. In preparation for the meeting: 1. Identify at least three categories of stakeholders that should be invited. 2. Remembering that interested parties are in both New York and Florida: o Select three methods of communicating with the attendees. o Describe the best method of holding the meeting that also limits travel costs. 3. Describe at least three team building exercises that could be used during the meeting. 4. Before leaving the office, Shawn mentions that her husband is employed as a sales representative by the manufacturer of one of the needed machines. o After reviewing the Project Management Institute’s (PMI) Code of Conduct, specify which potential violation exists. o As the team leader, describe how you expect Shawn to proceed regarding this issue. o Explain what action you would recommend to Shawn’s husband.



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