Project Management

When matrix organization came into existence, it was perceived to violate Henri Fayol’s principle of “unity of command.” According to this principle an individual works for a single manager who provides direction and orders to the individual. Many managers and professionals felt uncomfortable with the concept of multibossed individuals and multiple bosses under matrix organization.
Even long after matrix organization came into use, many organizations still feel uncomfortable with the concept of matrix organization. These organizations still prefer to use the old concept of organization having a single boss for a single individual that provides a simpler authority-responsibility work relationship. In order to develop a further understanding the concept of matrix organization, you are required to present a report to these organizations about matrix organizations. Answering the following questions will help you to prepare the report.

  1. What were the reasons that an alternative organizational design like “matrix” emerged in alternative design?
  2. In the organization you are familiar with, has there been an adequate effort made to define why matrix design is used-and how that design changes the working relationships in the organization?
  3. Has your group ever been in a situation when there was no definition of what your specific role was to be? How did you cope with such a situation? Provide example from each group member.
  4. What really helps us influence the people with whom we work-the assigned authority we have over those individuals or our interpersonal skills in working with those people?
  5. The matrix design seems to be working today, yet it is still emerging in theory and practice. What might be the key characteristics of the organizational design of the future, which might replace the current matrix design?

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