Project Management Methodology

You are a professionally certified project manager working for a consulting company. Your manager has just let you know that you will be assigned to work with a new client as soon as a contract is signed. The client wants help with selecting a project management methodology in order to increase the maturity level of project management practices in his organization. For confidentiality reasons your manager cannot tell you anything else about the client or his business but still expects you to propose some solutions to the client in a meeting that is scheduled for three days from now. What would you do?

After considering the scenario, post your response to the following questions:
Describe your approach for developing proposed solutions for the client to help them select a methodology. Why did you choose that approach?
What are some of the characteristics of the methodologies that you will look at as you evaluate solutions? Why do you think those characteristics are important?
How will you help the client understand the similarities and differences between methodologies?

Required Reading

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Sample Solution