Project Proposal

Weekly Assignment 10: Project Proposal

Okay, first thing’s first: read the Project 3 assignment sheet. Because this assignment sheet won’t make sense unless you read that one first.

By 5/12, you’ll need to complete the following:

Now that you’ve read the Project 3 assignment sheet, for this weekly assignment you’ll create a brief proposal for your Project 3.

This proposal should include the following:

  1. A brief description of the missing element you’ve identified and the significance of its absence. What is the thing that’s missing? What is the thing that you want to add the missing thing to? And why is it important that it get done? Imagine I’m worth as much as Jeff Bezos, and I’ve mentioned I might throw some funding your way to help you solve this problem. This is your chance to tell me, elevator pitch style, why I should.
  2. The names and roles of everyone on your team. Who will be doing what? If you’re going solo, no worries, but you should still describe your capacity to handle this project. What will you do and how will you get it done?
  3. A timeline. Whenever someone asks me to make a timeline, my first response is to think of the famous saying: Want to hear God laugh? Make plans. In other words, making very specific plans about something often means that lots of things will in fact not go according to plan.

However, it’s good to at least give yourself a roadmap. What will you do, and when will you do it? Break up the work into smaller pieces and give yourself little deadlines to get those things done. I promise it’s way better than procrastinating.

For proposal formatting help, see our textbook.

What I’m looking for:
● Keep your proposal to one page in length. Provide each component named above.
● Feel free to add design elements to your proposal, though this is not required.
● Following directions is a key part of business communications.
● I look for substance and effort in every piece of writing you submit. Expect it of yourself as well.

Points possible: 20.

Sample Solution