Project Supply Chain/Procurement Management

Your company is hoping to outsource some of its work constructing a new development of condominiums. What would you use as selection criteria to narrow down your list of potential sellers? Part 2 U9 DD (150 words) For the Suburban Homes Construction Project or the Casa De Paz Development Project, describe a timing issue that could occur early in a project and a timing issue that could occur at the end of a project. Then, discuss how you would address each of these issues.
Part three One page for four questions Project Supply Chain/Procurement Management Complete Exercise questions 1 through 4 found at the end of Chapter 13, CPM 4e. You must select a project that is available online or in print from a news source within 6 months prior to the due date for this assignment. Provide an active link or an image of the source (including date) as evidence and place it as an appendix to your responses to the exercise questions.

: 1. Using the ideas in Exhibit 13.2, speculate on what activities, supplies, or services could be contracted out. 2. Create a request for information for one portion of the project work that could be contracted out. 3. Using ideas fromExhibits 13.4 and 13.5, determine criteria you would use to select sellers for the portion of contract work under consideration. 4. Determine what type of contract you would use for this work and explain why.







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