Promoting and Evaluating Health Behaviors

Conduct a literature search utilizing peer-reviewed journal articles, books, professional organization Web sites and articles, etc., to continue working on your program/intervention plan (which you started in Module 2)… SEE ATTACHED PAPER…and propose appropriate evaluation measures to evaluate effectiveness of your program. Write a paper (3 pages in length) including a complete workplan that shows your implementation procedures to address the health behavior and describing your methods to evaluate your program/intervention. A workplan sample can be found at The following items will be assessed in particular: 1.Use the feedback I gave you in the previous module to refine and update your goal and objectives. 2.Include a complete workplan with the following components: goals, objectives, activities, data measurement tools, timeframe, responsible person, and measures of success. 3.Describe how you will evaluate the effectiveness of your program. Make sure to include information on what evaluation tool you plan to use (e.g., questionnaire and survey). 4.Discuss how you will know if your program or intervention is effective. Refer back to your program goal and objectives.

Sample Solution