Promoting Cognitive Development

Piaget, Erikson, Skinner, and Vygotsky took different approaches to child development. One’s theoretical perspective influences approaches to child development. The Davidsons have a preschool-aged daughter named Annie. They have approached Marcus, the child development consultant, for advice on how to promote and nurture her cognitive development.

Watch the following video to learn more about the similarities and differences of developmental theories. Study of the Child: Theories of Development I, produced by Herzog, Milan & Herzog, Shanta (Learning Seed, 1997), 29:02 mins obtained from Alexander Street Press Education in Video from Agrosy University online library resources. In a 6- to 8-page Microsoft Word document, address the following: Compare and contrast the approaches of each of the four perspectives (Piaget, Erikson, Skinner, and Vygotsky). Explain how each theorist would approach the issue of cognitive development in early childhood. Taking each theoretical perspective, explain what would be going on cognitively for Annie and what advice might be given to her parents from each theoretical perspective. Explain the role would society and family play in Annie’s development at this age. Be sure to tie in your readings to explain cultural, psychosocial and physical influences. Remember to consider how the family’s ethnicity, use of daycare, social views, etc. might influence how she is raised.


Sample Solution