Promoting Safety, Independence, and Least Restrictive Environments

The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate an understanding of safe post-operative care for older
adults, including discharge options that promote independent and least restrictive options.
Your 70-year-old client, Max, is 1-hour post-op following a total hip replacement. On arrival to his room, Max
tells you that his hip pain is an 8 on a scale of 1-10. As per the doctor’s order, you administer Demerol 50 mg
IM. Max is usually up ad-lib, and alert and oriented. However, he is a little sleepy and confused following the
pain medication.
In a Word document, answer the following:
What safety concerns exist for Max?
What interventions would we take to ensure Max’s safety?
Is Demerol a good choice for 70-year-old Max? Why or why not?
You are in a discharge meeting for Max which is also attended by Max’s wife, the RN leading the team today, a
physical therapy, and a pharmacist. Max’s wife would like him to return home, but isn’t sure how she will
manage. What type of services could help Max safely return home?

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