Properties of the skin and their relation to fingerprints.

Explain the properties of the skin and their relation to fingerprints.

Part 1
Open and analyze the Part 1 picture as if you were a latent print examiner. You will see an impression with ridge events and features marked. You should:

  • Identify the pattern.
  • Determine what the indicated ridge events/features are, including the pattern type (there are a total of 20 items to classify). Simply make a list on 1 page and list from (1–20) and write down your labels, i.e., type of pattern, bifurcation, creases, dot, ending ridge, pore etc. DO NOT provide an explanation of these items.

Part 2
Explain in a 1 page essay the properties of skin and the relationship to friction-skin impressions. Consider such items as elasticity, scarring, distortion, the condition of the skin etc.
Note: Part 2 is an Essay that is independent of Part 1.

Part 3

  1. Obtain a small ink pad (any color).
  2. Roll your fingerprints on the pad from nail edge to nail edge until the finger is covered with ink.
  3. Roll your finger from nail edge to nail edge onto a white index card or piece of white paper. Be careful to make this one smooth movement without double rolling.
    Examine your own fingerprint, keeping in mind the types of fingerprints discussed in your reading. Describe both your experience and your results.

Sample Solution