Consulting Proposal (cnsltng-prpsl)
• Prepare a consulting proposal (4-7 pages not including cover page, references, appendices) to identify and propose recommendations to an identified organizational problem. The organization may be either your own or another.

• Open with a general review of the organization. Explain the organization’s objectives, structure, and scope of products and services. Describe the nature of the problem(s). Evaluate the appropriateness and effectiveness of specific remedies.

• Write the proposal to the senior leadership of the organization, demonstrating appreciation that a final version of the report will be presented to middle managers and other workers later.

• Outline the broad scope of your proposed study in the consulting proposal, and specify the reporting tools you will use. Include the following major sections: Executive Summary, Background, Analysis, Conclusions, Recommendations (with subheadings: Project Outline, Timeline, Acceptance Criteria, Resources), and (if appropriate) Appendices.

Sample Solution