In our senior staff meeting Friday, one calendar item that came up is that the city is again hosting its “15th Annual Community Health, Fitness and Welfare Expo” next month. The theme is, “Serving ‘US’ for A Better Tomorrow.” Given our client’s mission and goals—and recent news conference success, I think it’s prudent we propose the client take advantage of the Expo. Think about how the client would fit in with this event and then develop a plan for the client to showcase itself—programs, features, and leadership—to meet the Expo’s theme. Be creative, but focused. Also, note, as in the past, that some local radio stations will broadcast live from the Expo, which could provide excellent opportunities for potential interviews with our client’s senior staff to discuss the organization, its programs, and its service(s) to the community. Attached is a copy of the Expo’s Exhibitor Application.

Again, because we want to impress our client, please submit your best effort for presentation, through me, to the Parabolic leadership. Once approved, we’ll pitch it to our client. The timeline for this event is very tight, so please ensure you meet the delivery deadline. If you need assistance, please get with me (your faculty member) as soon as possible.

In your position as a Junior Associate with Parabolic Communications ("student”), create a draft proposal to your “mentor,” for a PR event featuring the client (same previous Assignment).

Remember, in the real world, the PR firm’s executive team will make the final decision to approve or reject your draft idea. Therefore, your proposed event should be designed to achieve a specific goal: celebrate, promote something, raise funds, honor a person, educate attendees or some other worthy intent that is appropriate for the organization/issue and a given scenario.

Checklist of elements to incorporate or consider

Have you considered the event elements discussed in Lecture Notes 5.0., as well as the other related materials in Week 5?
Have you identified the client’s target audience(s) for your event? Why would this event appeal to and attract these or other people?
Should you describe the event, its goals and the reasons it might appeal to your client’s intended target audience(s)? Did you explain the event in sufficient detail for the executive team to understand what you are proposing?
Have you considered an appropriate timeline?
What costs do you need to consider and, if so, did you create an appropriate budget and is it realistic? For example, do you need to consider transportation, rental of location’s space, electrical, advertising, registration (if necessary), decorations, tables, chairs, security, free handout items (“tchotchkes” and information (or press kits), publication costs, staffing, overtime, etc.?
Did you consider what the client might anticipate as a “return on investment?
Did you develop some cool/creative ways to pitch your idea to the client? Note: run it by me (your faculty member) if you’re unsure.


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